“Lexonik is like brain training in real life.”

StudentRedruth School, Redruth

“Lexonik is brilliant. I managed to get a ‘B’ in English AND I am now reading books. I never did that before!”

Hani (Year 11 Pupil)Aston Manor, Birmingham

“It’s the only training session I have been on where every single second counts and feels like it is benefitting me.”

Becki TompkinsNene Park

“Absolutely fantastic, the training was engaging and even I have gained more vocab knowledge.”

Louise GreenErdington Academy, Birmingham

“I can really see the benefit it will have on the students and and with the teachers!I’ve learnt loads!’”

Kate NichollsAston Manor, Birmingham

“I got 100% in my BTEC spelling test for the first time ever! I got the highest score in my class!”

StudentPool Academy, Pool

“Thiago in year 10 who comes to meet at lunch time for extra help has just come in absolutely buzzing about the Lexonik session he had today, saying that it is the most helpful lesson he has had!”

TeacherWalthamstow academy, Florence Sheppard via LouiseDoomun

“We have found Lexonik to be hugely beneficial in building both reading and confidence levels in our school. We have employed a variety of interventions over time, Lexonik is one which has been a constant for us as we believe it has contributed to the rise in examination performance.”

Colin BelfordArchway School, Stroud

“Last night my son was practising something he called Lexonik which has made a remarkable impact on his reading and spelling and his confidence has really improved.”

ParentCarshalton Boys Sports College, South London

“One of OFSTED’s key findings in our November 2015 inspection was that ‘Teachers pay meticulous attention to improving pupils’ literacy skills’ and that ‘development of pupils’ key literacy skills, including reading, is impressive. Students rapidly gain the skills needed to be successful in their learning.’ Undoubtedly, Lexonik plays an important part in this.”

Ian JonesOrchard School, Bristol