“As a direct result of this training, I have been able to update the weekly across-school literacy foci to include certain key word break-downs. In particular, key maths words such as tri, oct, kilo, etcetera. This means my training is positively impacting on the whole school, not just the targeted groups.”

TeacherNunthorpe Academy, Middlesbrough

“As a deliverer of Lexonik, I too feel that every day is a learning day, I am learning alongside the students. This is an excellent programme that I would recommend and works for both lower and higher ability students. Highly recommended from me.”

TeacherBrinsworth Academy, Rotherham

“I am currently teaching a Y7 pupil who was very reluctant to take part in any intervention and has poor resilience. He is responding well to the fast pace and positive motivation of Lexonik Leap.”

Sarah LancasterNewsome Academy, Huddersfield

“Holistically, our lowest ability year 7s are gaining confidence in reading, specifically those whose reading ages are significantly below their actual ages. The focused small group time with an adult is really having a positive impact upon students.”

Sian ClarkNET Freebrough Academy, Brotton

“I love Lexonik, it’s easy and fun to deliver and the students enjoy it, engage with it and make progress. I just wish I had more hours in the day so more students could benefit from it.”

Rachel WilkinsonNunthorpe Academy, Middlesbrough

“The majority of all students have improved their reading age on the WRAT5 test. However, I do not feel it shows the extent of their progress and learning. The students progress so much more in lesson than what the results of the tests show ie. some students that have shown massive progress in lesson don’t improve on the WRAT5 test.”

TeacherBrinsworth Academy, Rotherham

“Pupils often feed back that they have been able to use their skills in other areas of the curriculum.”

Kerry BeatsonBrinsworth Academy, Rotherham

“The students are engaged due to the quick pace of the lesson and are usually surprised that they are able to read and comprehend complex vocabulary by breaking the words down.”
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TeacherBrinsworth Academy, Rotherham

“Lexonik is like brain training in real life.”

StudentRedruth School, Redruth

“Lexonik is brilliant. I managed to get a ‘B’ in English AND I am now reading books. I never did that before!”

Hani (Year 11 Pupil)Aston Manor, Birmingham