Lexonik Master Classes

Remote professional development created and developed by literacy specialists.

Lexonik Master Classes are a library of pre-recorded professional development covering a range of literacy topics allowing you to access Lexonik’s specialist teacher training at a time that suits you. 

Lexonik Master Classes are constantly evolving, bringing you relevant and up to date training 


The Explicit Teaching of Vocabulary

‘The Explicit Teaching of Vocabulary’ goes beyond the rhetoric to explore explicit vocabulary instruction, suitable for every classroom, every subject and every teacher to lessen teacher variability.

Covered in the course:

  • A systematic approach to the explicit teaching of vocabulary
  • Research-based teaching techniques
  • How to put vocabulary at the heart of the curriculum

Maximise learning for all through literacy

Written and developed by Dyslexia specialist Katy Parkinson this session provides practical approaches to support the literacy teaching of students with a range of abilities and needs, including those with dyslexia. Teachers receive expert, professional training plus resources to use whole class or with small groups. 

Covered in the course: 

  • Understanding the general characteristics of dyslexia 
  • Dispelling common myths 
  • The importance of phonological awareness 
  • Developing memory and retrieval
  • Building vocabulary
  • Providing effective support 

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