What is Lexonik Spell?

Lexonik Spell has been designed to demystify common spelling rules, giving teachers the knowledge, resources and confidence to systematically improve the teaching and learning of spelling.

Schools can opt to purchase Lexonik Spell as a standalone teaching resource, or develop staff in this crucial area of literacy via a one day teacher training workshop to support the development of spelling across the curriculum.

Rules covered:

  • Single, single, double it
  • Knock off the /e/ and add the suffix
  • Adding /ly/ /ness/ and /ment/ to words
  • Adding /ing/ and /ed/ to two syllabled words
  • Adding /y/ to the ends of words
  • Adding suffixes to words ending in /y/
  • Adding prefixes to words
  • Making regular singular nouns into plurals
  • Making regular singular nouns into plurals when they end in /fe/ /y/ or /o/
  • Using apostrophes to show omissions
  • Using apostrophes to show possession or ownership
  • The /i/ before /e/ rule
  • Soft /C/ and /G/ rule

Cost: From as little as £40 + VAT for the standalone classroom resource.

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