History Vocabulary Mini Masterclass

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your teaching skills! Watch our Mini Masterclass on teaching the vocabulary of History through morphemic analysis, presented by Lexonik CEO Sarah Ledger. This 20-minute resource breaks down complex historic terminology using morphemic analysis, affixes, stems, and root words, making it accessible even if English isn't your primary subject. 

If History isn't your subject, be sure to share this with your History colleagues!

Along with the masterclass we are also offering you a free GCSE History Vocabulary guide for you to download and keep.

Get your free GCSE History Vocabulary Guide here!

But act fast – this Mini Masterclass will only be available until the 27th of February. After that, we'll introduce a new masterclass, ensuring you stay ahead in your teaching journey. 

This is just one of 15 Mini Masterclasses spanning the entire curriculum and it won’t be here forever. To gain access to all 15 Mini Masterclasses on a permanent basis, your school will need Lexonik Vocabulary Plus. Find out more about Vocabulary Plus here or contact us to talk to one of our dedicated members of staff.