Our mission is to empower all learners with life-long literacy skills

We believe that literacy levels impact not only upon success within education but on employment opportunities, career advancement and ultimately personal fulfilment and life chances. Regardless of their start in life, we want all individuals to have access to Lexonik, a positive educational experience, which we have proven can be life-changing.

We are an award-winning company based in Middlesbrough, and Lexonik has been improving literacy and accelerating learning for learners of all abilities, across the UK and beyond.

Whether you are a school leader, teacher, student or parent, Lexonik can provide the solution you have been seeking. Suitable for even the most able of learners, Lexonik provides an intensive boost to existing literacy and vocabulary levels, enhancing engagement, comprehension, confidence and success.

Unique in its approach and delivery, Lexonik promotes reading for knowledge, fluency of decoding and word mastery.

Through specific targeted instruction and fun exercises and activities, Lexonik teaching focuses on the structure of the English language at a range of age-appropriate levels, suitable for learners aged 10 and above, across a whole range of learning settings.

what does lexonik mean

Lex – a system of laws. Intended also to suggest ‘Lexicon’ as in vocabulary.

onik – chosen for sound quality and the end section of sonic for the fast nature of the product.

Meet the people behind our award-winning company and literacy programmes.

We believe that literacy and life chances go hand in hand, and our dedicated and passionate team work together to support our customers to benefit from the impact Lexonik has on learners worldwide.