How the DfE Grant Helps us Support Learners, Colleges and our Community

Infographic of a teacher in a lesson for college students studying.

AT a time of such bleak news, of such fear and such frustration, we’re in the great position of being able to share something of genuine optimism and impact. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve secured our first significant specialist education delivery grant from the Department for Education (DfE). 

This is great news, not least for our future generation of would-be employers, entrepreneurs, home-owners, family providers and their wider communities.

When Katy Parkinson, our founder first conceived the idea of Sound Training, which now trades as Lexonik, some 20 years ago. She said she wanted to put the right tools and the skills into the hands of our nation’s teachers.

Katy knew that it was possible to dramatically enhance the way children develop literacy and English capacity. She saw no reason that that the methodology should be a secret, or that the chance of success should be the preserve of the wealthy or those in particular postcodes.

Scroll forward, and today, in October 2022, our company is set to commence an expected three-year grant with the Department for Education, the result of which will see some 160 post 16 English re-sit teachers being trained in our literacy learning techniques.

Those 160 professionals will in turn see us reach 8,000 students, many at the ‘retake’ stage for GCSE English, and will help us collectively to ensure we’re preparing even more young people for work, for life, and for success.

For us, this is a wonderful ‘next step’ in a journey which has been so full of passion, purpose and a sheer refusal to accept that students in one postcode or from one background, should be of any less potential or opportunity than another.

To us, privileged to be working with hundreds of schools around the UK and reaching approximately 90,000 students in the process. Witnessing our products’ impacts on their very many staff and students, this really is what active efforts toward ‘levelling up’ looks like in practice.

Surely, levelling up is about accelerating skill sharing and imparting knowledge in ways which build us a community of those with a desire for learning, for working and for advancing their own lives and that of their family?

This grant announcement is not purely cause of celebration for the employees of Lexonik.

Its ripple effect is evidently much, much wider.

Every school teacher we aid with this training, will go on to upskill young people who are then bound to acquire the hunger for literacy learning which will boost their future choices.

This directly supports our businesses, our economy, and the environment in which we all live, work and raise a new generation.

Please take a read of our official press release.

We look forward to sharing more news with you as this exciting new chapter develops, and do in the meantime contact us if you would like to discuss our interventions and training solutions in more detail contact us here.