Lexonik Overseas: Mass Training is a True GEM

a group of lexonik trainers and teachers with their hands in the air celebrating a successful mass training event

Those of you who follow the activities of Lexonik closely, will be all too aware of our extensive relationship in the Middle East, and the increased frequency with which our trainers and leaders have been visiting Dubai in recent years.

These global engagements and training opportunities are absolutely invaluable to us as a business.

Not only do they help us enhance the knowledge and understanding of our retained clients in these parts of the world, but they provide us with a chance to compare and contrast how teaching is being delivered, what educational professionals are feeling about their career and their classroom challenges, and how, in the future, we can evolve our products and services to be even more effective in improving literacy learning.

Our latest visit took place earlier this month, and was led by director Lisa Parkinson, and James Ledger, senior manager.

During this four intensive days, Lisa and James conducted our first mass training event outside of the UK – for GEMS, which has a cluster of world class schools delivering IB education.

With a focus on Lexonik Advance and Lexonik Leap training specifically, the event was staged at GEMS Wellington International – which has itself been recently nominated for a major global schooling accolade.

A total of 18 teaching staff attended, representing the following schools within the GEMS portfolio:

GEMS Wellington International School

GEMS Jumeirah College Primary School

GEMS Jumeirah College

GEMS Al Khaleej

GEMS GWA World Academy

GEMS American Academy Qatar

GEMS Wellington School Qatar

GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis

Mass training has a number of benefits and should certainly be a consideration for any group or cluster of schools which is at the stage of seeking to elevate its employee comprehension and confidence with our programmes.

In particular, we at Lexonik suggest such benefits include:

  • Efficiency of delivery for one cohort, rather than slotting into various timetables over multiple dates and at multiple venues
  • Training events naturally then become an opportunity for peers to experience ‘together’ and to be candid with one another about their educational challenges or significant goals in their respective classrooms
  • Mass learning is evidently better for generating debate, conversation and the scope to share contributions which are relevant to a particular module or exercise
  • Training ‘pan group’ means a clear thread of commonality, which means recalled knowledge will be the same across all participants
  • Group mass training specific to one school cohort allows for a level of confidentiality and solidarity

Our mass training offer is still a relatively new undertaking within the Lexonik product delivery scope, but it’s quickly generated impressive feedback – and we’re not surprised.

Groups tell us they like the opportunity to train multiple schools or teaching peers in one go, and, as a side-issue, that they can treat such sessions as a period in which they get to be alongside colleagues who they may have relatively little contact with on a day-to-day basis.

Delivery of such training now includes a significant audio visual element, and a strong suite of associated materials for all those taking part.

We are now in the process of preparing our UK mass training events, and you can anticipate dates for these going live soon.

We’ll start this new offer with our Lexonik Leap training, and would encourage any interested school and literacy leaders to reach out to your account manager to register early interest. Alternatively, you can drop an email to [email protected] or contact us here.