The New Lexonik Cloud: Listen, Learn and Innovate

a graphic saying 'brand new cloud' with an open laptop displayed. the screen shows the lexonik cloud sign in page

We’re revamping Lexonik Cloud! Lexonik Cloud is set up so educators who use our interventions can upload and monitor their learner’s progress data, access our professional development courses and use our mighty morphemic analysis machine with a Lexonik Vocabulary Plus license, supporting whole-school literacy instruction.

None of the above is changing, instead we’re making the cloud platform even better. Streamlining the platform while adding an increased emphasis on community and connection. Get to know all about the new Lexonik Cloud below.

Lexonik has always been proud of its literacy innovation work, but we know that for it to be its most magical, and most transformational, we have to ensure that our client schools have their fingertips on every element of the input data...whenever they need it.

What we discovered from our work with the National Literacy Trust, is that with our original model, many schools were in fact inventing their own techniques for tracking data.

Tragically, in some cases, this meant information was getting deleted or lost unintentionally, and certainly, it couldn’t be used to compare and contrast progress.

Well, yes, absolutely.

So therein lies our solution.

We’ve listened, learned and stress-tested, and now, new for Autumn 2023, we present you with Lexonik Cloud!

Safe, Slick and Streamlined

On realising we weren’t delivering quite the slick platform we had hoped for, we set about a detailed process of looking at how we could better serve you.

The result has been to create a digital solution which allows for greater analysis of your results, easier extraction of data, and yet always with safety and security in mind.

Within the application, you’ll be able to scrutinise the performance of different student profiles via the use of data tags. Tagging of data will allow you to report on the comparative progress between varying student groups at the click of a button!

This matters.

We want you to have full confidence in your data, and the ability to be able to report to your governors and even to inspectors.

The more scrupulously you can deep-dive into your student success story, the better able you are to report.

Community and Connection

Sitting at the core of our intention with the new application, has been to create a community experience, widening the user groups able to access the system and benefit from Lexonik.

To increase engagement, we wanted to improve the way that users were able to interact on the application, particularly Lexonik Vocabulary Plus.

We will soon have in-app messaging and can share content with colleagues within the application.

Vocabulary lists are shared across organisations, and our ‘Word of the week’ will now feature in Vocabulary.

We’ve also improved functionality at every step, so that compatible devices can even operate with light or dark themes – making the engagement much more comfortable even for those with vision or photosensitivity issues.

We now have a paperless diagnostic assessment for our Leap intervention programme, providing a streamlined process which allows staff to more easily administer the test.

In short, we want everything to feel connected.

This community feel we’re striving for will work towards establishing a school wide initiative – everyone being able to articulate what Lexonik is, how it’s used in school, how they incorporate it in their classroom and the impact it’s having.

What next?

Our journey of innovation continues, and we hope you’ll be really impressed and excited by what you see of Cloud come its launch in November.

Of course, we welcome your feedback, and we want to be here to listen to all your suggestions, queries and requests.

Please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager if you want to understand more at this stage, and be assured we’ll be in regular contact, providing more opportunities to learn about how our products can best support you and your school community.