Lexonik offers literacy support for any organisation.

Lexonik is an award-winning company that offers staff training and intervention programmes for learners of all ages, supporting the teaching of:

  • Reading comprehension, fluency and automaticity
  • Explicit vocabulary instruction
  • Phonics and sounds
  • Spelling
  • Grammar and Punctuation


Reading at all levels


Explicit vocabulary instruction


Phonics and sounds


Spelling, grammar and punctuation

Reading and vocabulary programmes in all sectors

Literacy, particularly reading and vocabulary comprehension, is a universally essential skill. We all need to be effective communicators, whether that’s with the written or spoken word. 

The ability to read for knowledge is a lifelong skill. A student at school, a university student or an employee looking to further their career all need to be able to gain knowledge and to do this it’s imperative that they are fluent, competent readers with strong vocabulary knowledge. 

Vocabulary is the gateway to comprehension and a competent reader must not only be able to decode a word in order to read it, but they must also have the skills to decode it for meaning.

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