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Adult Education

At Lexonik, we fully understand and empathise with the stigma surrounding adult literacy needs, and the necessity to provide targeted provision to increase confidence and close gaps in literacy with immediate effect.

With 7.1 million adults in the UK being functionally illiterate. We know the importance of adult education and the need to build adult literacy skills, whatever the starting point for the learner. That's why our easy to use products cover the full span of reading ages. So no matter your ability we can improve your literacy skills. 

We also understand that many facilitators of adult education are not literacy experts, however, our literacy teacher training offers specialised support. 

Listen to our podcast with Phillip Morley to see how we can help adults improve their literacy. 

Our literacy intervention programmes come with a breadth of adult literacy resources, tools and teaching aids to assist in a confident delivery to any adult audience.

Literacy intervention programmes for Adult Education

Adults that are already improving literacy with Lexonik

We have countless individuals who have benefited from our literacy intervention programmes, helping them develop their reading and vocabulary skills and building new levels of confidence.

Here are some testimonials from people of all ages!

"It’s measurable and it often gives students a significant confidence boost when they receive their post intervention score."
Lucy Purcell, The John Frost School
"We are looking forward to embedding Lexonik throughout the school and encouraging a more vocabulary-rich environment for both students and staff."
Alison Eastough