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Multi-Academy Trusts

Lexonik literacy intervention programmes follow a prescriptive delivery and implementation roll out, making leaders secure in the knowledge that all literacy intervention and ‘whole class’ teaching is standardised across all schools, lessening teacher variability and ensuring consistency.

We understand the specific challenges faced by trusts in seeking to instil improvements at multiple levels, whilst also ensuring consistency, sustainability and effective teaching and learning across various settings.

In an era of such great literacy demands within the curriculum, we ensure all staff are equipped to support students to deal with the reading and vocabulary requirements of both the classroom and examination setting via our bespoke literacy teacher training.

We do this by training your staff in our programmes alongside supporting them in developing the knowledge and gaining the tools required to teach vital literacy skills and raise student attainment.

There will always be a need for literacy intervention programmes, which Lexonik provides. However, our unique and refreshing delivery is in our transformation of teacher pedagogy, ensuring literacy developments are not simply a discrete intervention but a ‘whole school approach’, providing sustainable long-term impact.

Check out our case study with the Northern Education Trust to see how effective our programmes can be for Multi-Academy Trusts. 

We have a range of products designed to provide the solutions to support all students, aged 8-80, in accessing the reading, comprehension and vocabulary demands of the curriculum, leading to automaticity and independence.

Literacy intervention programmes for Multi-Academy Trusts

Multi-Academy Trusts that are already improving literacy with Lexonik

What Multi-Academy Trusts have to say

"The results really have been quite phenomenal, and the confidence and resilience this has built in our students is something we could never have expected"
Alexandra Forsyth, Northern Education Trust
"There is a plethora of skill building of academic vocabulary!"
Kimberly Jarrard, Panhandle Area Educational Consortium