a parent reading with her child a hand writing in the notebook and a stack of teaching resources

Parents & Carers

We can help parents and carers with our range of literacy intervention programmes, specifically designed with you and your child’s needs in mind. We provide spelling resources so you can confidently deliver instruction for your child, helping them develop strong spelling strategies that they can use in school, and in every classroom.

It’s natural that as a parent or carer, you want to support and develop your child’s learning in the home setting – no matter how long ago you last experienced the classroom.

We appreciate this can be a daunting challenge, especially in the ever-changing world of school and curriculum.

That's why each programme is research and evidence-based, incorporating key literacy methodologies and strategies that will help develop your child’s confidence and skills in school.

Lexonik is acutely aware of the pressures of family life, of the competing scenarios of seeking to be both parent and teacher, and of the desire for ‘swift change’.

Rest assured we consider those factors in all we do. We’re on the side of the family, and on the side of learning.