The New Lexonik Cloud: Data, Detail and Delivering Excellence

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In our last blog, we talked about why Lexonik had chosen to introduce its Cloud innovation.

To follow this announcement, we felt it would be really useful to share with you some of the specific features of this new application, and how it can be incorporated into your school-wide student assessment.

As we outlined previously, one of our overriding intentions was to create an approach which would give you more tools for scrutinising data and understanding impact.

It goes without saying, that in the world of education, evaluation matters.

It matters to school leaders, to governors, to parents, and yes, even to the esteem and reassurance of students too.

We therefore want you to have access to a piece of technology which aids the ability to evaluate, at every level of a child’s journey.

One area we’ve referred to before, is ratio gains.

When comparing interventions, we must be certain that we’re comparing like for like – and this is where ratio gains becomes a useful guide.

Ratio gains, in essence is:

Number of months progress / Number of months of intervention

Studies can present reading and spelling ages rather than standardised scores and so ratio gains can be calculated to evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention.

• Ratio gains of less than 1.4 are of ‘doubtful educational significance’

• Between 1.4 and 2.0 of ‘modest impact’

• Between 2.0 and 3.0 of ‘useful impact’

• Between 3.0 and 4.0 of ‘substantial impact’

• Above 4.0 of ‘remarkable impact’

If we put figures like that in the context of our Lexonik Advance product, then the impact is remarkable.

We're able to close the gap on average by over 2 years in just 6 weeks!

Imperative in our thinking about Cloud, has been to see it ‘through your eyes’.

We understand why you might feel frustrated by the ‘assess, assess, assess’ mentality, and for us, there’s no point in assessment without thorough data scrutiny.

It’s this which allows for true evaluation of how far a child has progressed – and whether that progress has been at an accelerated pace, thanks to a particular intervention.

In short, we really want to empower – not only school leaders, but all staff in school within the process.

We recognised that in order to do that though, our systems needed to be better…hence the rollout of Cloud.

There’s so much more we can share with you about how the data held within Lexonik Cloud, and its new functionality, will help you tell a much more transparent and useful story about your school and students.

Please do feel free to reach out to us with any questions, and we’d love to share our insight.

In the meantime, current cloud customers should look out for forthcoming webinar sessions, where you can join us live to find out more.

Or if you're new to the Lexonik Cloud service you can find out more about the new platform here