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Lexonik Advance

Rapidly improve reading, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension, with average reading age gains of 27 months in just six weekly one-hour sessions.

Independently reviewed by Northumbria University and The National Literacy Trust, Lexonik Advance is proven to make immediate, significant and sustainable progress for students of any age.

This programme is face-to-face and fully resourced, targeted for students with a standardised reading score of 85-115.


A programme that improves student phonological awareness, automaticity, vocabulary and comprehension

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Leverage metacognition and phased repetition to develop students' fluency and independence


We train your staff to deliver the literacy intervention programme, giving you full autonomy and sustainability


Primarily aimed at students with a standardised reading score of 85 – 115, delivered in a 1:4 teaching ratio

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What we provide

  • Two-day staff training held in-house or remotely online
  • Nationally standardised assessment for pre- and post-testing
  • Delivery and teaching materials
  • Access to online teaching support
  • Ongoing support from Account Managers and Regional Trainers
  • Access to our secure web app Lexonik Cloud, to manage literacy progress

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Ready to make an impact and help close the literacy gap?

Lexonik Advance offers a scalable pricing structure to meet the varying requirements of Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts.

If you would like to improve literacy attainment at your school, talk with us to arrange a demonstration or receive more details on how Lexonik Advance can be your reading intervention solution.

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"The results really have been quite phenomenal, and the confidence and resilience this has built in our students is something we could never have expected"
Alexandra Forsyth, Northern Education Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

A unique, research-based literacy intervention programme for schools, leveraging metacognition, repetition, decoding and automaticity. Lexonik Advance trains learners to develop phonological awareness and make links between unknown words using common prefix, stems and suffix definitions.

Delivered by your staff in six one-hour sessions, Lexonik Advance works for all learners regardless of age or ability. Delivered on a 1:4 teaching ratio.

Over the course of six weeks, learners improve their phonological awareness by working with common syllable sounds, practising until they reach automaticity to aid reading accuracy and fluency.

In parallel to this, learners explore polysyllabic, academic vocabulary and are taught a methodology that supports the morphemic analysis of words, which can be applied independently when they need it most.

Learners are selected based on existing internal school assessment processes, then receive a baseline and post assessment to determine progress.

Lexonik Advance has been carefully tailored for learners with a standardised score between 85 and 115. Your current in-school data will help you to identify these learners.

Lexonik Advance is also perfect to challenge students stuck on a grade 6, but who should be achieving a grade 8 as well as KS5 students who are finding reading and comprehension a barrier to their A-level. Any struggling readers, learners stuck at a certain level or those not achieving their full potential will also benefit.

Lexonik’s Account Managers or Regional Trainers can help you select students and align our interventions strategically to your data tracking.

We provide everything you need to track progress.

Single Word Reading Tests (SWRT) for primary schools, or Wide Range Achievement Tests (WRAT) for secondary.

Staff are shown how to administer the tests and use Lexonik Cloud, where data is uploaded and scores are converted to reading age and standardised scores.

Approximately 10 minutes per student MAX!

Our 1:1 assessments take between 5-10 minutes per learner to complete and can be administered on the same day as the intervention begins and ends.

With average reading age gains of +27 months in just six weekly one-hour sessions, no other reading intervention programme makes such an impact in such a short space of time – verified in an independent study by Northumbria University and the progress scores of over 80,000 student data sets.

Our expert team of specialised Regional Trainers spend two consecutive days with your staff, training them in the delivery of Lexonik Advance, developing their confidence and supporting their professional development in Lexonik’s methodology. All staff will also receive ongoing delivery support and quality assurance. Training can take place face-to-face or remotely.

Lexonik Advance reading intervention programme follows a prescriptive delivery and implementation roll out, making leaders secure in the knowledge that delivery is standardised across all groups of learners.

We know how important it is to have absolute confidence in school solutions, which is why Quality Assurance, CPD and certification time have been built into the Lexonik programme, which is always delivered by our expert team of Regional Trainers. 

You will also receive 24/7 access to Lexonik Cloud and Account Manager support, Monday to Friday. 

Lexonik Cloud houses numerous training videos, refresher sessions and click through support, so you can always be confident in your delivery.

Lexonik Advance rapidly improves reading fluency, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension as well as developing polysyllabic word recognition, automaticity and metacognition.

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Also for adults!

Lexonik Advance is for all ages, helping adults improve their reading, spelling and vocabulary in six short, practical lessons.

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