Case Study
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The John Frost School

four secondary school students stood outside of school

What appealed to you about Lexonik? Why did you choose us?

We wanted a programme that was simple to use, measurable and something phonics or sound based. We saw it working successfully in another school.

What are the stand-out features / benefits you have noted?

It is pre-planned and resourced and is therefore easy to deliver. It’s measurable and it often gives students a significant confidence boost when they receive their post intervention score.

Can you give any examples of a student / colleague who is directly reaping the benefits of any of our products?

One student in particular found Lexonik hugely beneficial. The student was EAL and rarely spoke English in the home. He was academically able but struggled significantly with reading and spelling and there were clearly some gaps in his knowledge in terms of early language acquisition. This student did both the Level 3 and Level 4 programme and we noticed a significant impact in his reading and writing in English. The student went on to gain a C grade in English Language at GCSE level, something we feel was a direct result of purposeful intervention, including Lexonik.

Sum up your opinion of Lexonik and its impact in 50 words or less:

Lexonik Leap has been a vital intervention for our ALN/EAL students and post testing scores have indicated the gains made. Students who have followed the Lexonik Advance programme have also made significant gains and this is evident in their post intervention scores and in academic exams.

Please let us have a comment about Lexonik, and any further information you think may be useful for us to know.

I would recommend it to any secondary school as a highly effective intervention programme.

Lucy Purcell, The John Frost School