Parents, you don't need to be afraid of grammar. Most of us weren't taught it!

lettered tiles that are arranged to spell out the word grammar

Question. Who is more likely to suffer imposter syndrome? 

A) Actress 

B) Small-time Entrepreneur 

C) Parent

If you’re a parent you’ll no doubt recognise that a great deal of the time, it’s that particular ‘role’ in life which keeps us fraught with self-doubt and a sense of inadequacy.


Why do we spend so long beating ourselves up, when we’d do anything to help our child achieve happiness, health and educational attainment. Many of us look at what our children are expected to learn and know with dread because we don’t recognise what they’re doing. You’re not alone. Many of us parents struggle with things like grammar because we were never taught it.

Well, let us today promise to at least help you with the latter.

Throughout this last 18 months of the pandemic, the consistent theme of how much children have missed out, and how disastrous Covid’s impact will be on school-aged youngsters, has caused many a parent to throw their hands to the air in despair.

In particular, literacy has come in for a great deal of scrutiny, with politicians discussing the likely ‘illiteracy epidemic’ as a fallout of our recent experiences.

But what if we could assure you it didn’t need to be that way?

Today, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the all-new Lexonik Grammar.

This powerful product, designed by hugely experienced teachers, guides your child and you through the 19 most common grammar and punctuation rules in the English language.

Each comprehensive module is divided into tutorial videos, learning activity videos, plus knowledge recall activities.

Children not only develop the academic capability, but the confidence and the intrigue which helps them to become engaged lifelong learners.

For our launch we’re offering any parent signing up to the product for the one off low price of £25 by visiting

If you’d like to chat to any of our team about how the product works, what you can expect, and how we work to enhance the learning experience for ALL of your family, simply email [email protected].

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