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Literacy Programmes

Lexonik Develop

Your one-stop shop for your reading and literacy professional learning needs.

At Lexonik, we know structuring, devising, planning and scheduling professional development for reading and literacy can be time consuming and tricky. It’s exactly why we’ve created the powerful and easy-to-adopt resource, that we know as Lexonik Develop.

Lexonik Develop is an ever-evolving catalogue of masterclasses. Each one focuses on the many aspects of reading and literacy, to support your roll-out across the curriculum.

Our expertly curated Lexonik Develop sessions each take the form of a pre-recorded masterclass video, which lasts anything from 5 to 30 minutes.  This deliberate timing variation means you can deliver whichever you choose, in bite-size chunks, or, should you prefer, you can combine them into a longer and larger professional learning event.

Currently there are a total of 9 professional learning masterclasses, with more being added throughout the year. 

Introducing Lexonik Vocabulary Plus

Want to put an even greater emphasis on whole-school literacy? Lexonik Vocabulary Plus can help.

This special bundle contains a subscription to both Lexonik Vocabulary and Lexonik Develop. Meaning you and your school have access to our cloud-based morphemic analysis machine, with applications that span the entire curriculum, through Lexonik Vocabulary. As well as gaining access to our professional development programme, containing 9 online masterclasses with more on the way, through Lexonik Develop.

Best of all when you purchase Lexonik Vocabulary Plus you do so for 25% less than if you bought Vocabulary and Develop separately. The whole package is just £750 per school!

So what are you waiting for? Give your educators an essential whole-school literacy tool while upskilling them in reading and literacy instruction. Get Lexonik Vocabulary Plus today!

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Suggested Flow/Sequence

The nature of Lexonik Develop is that we encourage you to pick and choose the order in which you utilise the resources.

Should you prefer a little guidance, however, our suggested flow for the initial 9 masterclasses is as follows:

1. How do we learn to read?

A 13-minute mini masterclass giving colleagues an initial insight into 3 central models of how we learn to read:

  • The Simple View Of Reading

  • The 5 Pillars of Reading

  • Scarborough’s Rope Model

2. Why should we teach vocabulary?

A 10-minute mini masterclass on how asking the right purposeful questions in class and allowing students to discuss, will have a huge impact on vocabulary development. After all, we ask students questions in the hope that they begin to question themselves when they work independently.

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3. Explicit vocabulary instruction

A 20-minute masterclass taking colleagues through the process of how to explicitly teach vocabulary in any classroom via morphemic analysis and 3 key questions.

These pillar questions are:

  • What does it mean?
  • How do you know?
  • Where’s your mind going?

This masterclass is an essential introduction to begin a developing vocabulary instruction across any school or college, and is filled with practical classroom tips and habits.

4. Reading fluency

A 20-minute masterclass introducing colleagues to reading fluency and the two competencies which make it up – Automaticity and Fluency.

Reading fluency is an often overlooked pillar of reading, but vital for comprehension and exam success.

This masterclass gives colleagues knowledge as well as practical tips for the classroom.

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5. Syllabification to aid spelling

A 7-minute mini masterclass handing colleagues one simple classroom technique that will change the way they teach spelling forever, and will make a huge difference to all students.

6. Questioning for progress

Professional learning on questioning is broken into 4 areas:

  • Research and different levels of questioning - a 20-minute masterclass focusing on research on questioning in the classroom, what is deemed as best practice and the different levels of questioning for teaching and learning.
  • Questioning the Lexonik way - an 11-minute mini masterclass in how Lexonik use questioning in the classroom.
  • Putting things into practice -  a 10-minute mini masterclass giving teachers across the curriculum, yet more classroom strategies for putting questioning into practice.
  • Think alouds and self-questioning - A 12-minute mini masterclass helping with how to use questioning to aid independent learning through self-questioning techniques, including scaffolding for asking questions for both teacher and student.
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7. Phonics for secondary

A 50-minute masterclass on this vital and often forgotten area of what phonics is and what it should look like in the secondary classroom.

The masterclass covers:

  • What phonics instruction looks like post-primary
  • Embedded classroom instruction
  • Benefits for both students and teachers

8. Reading for exams

A 20-minute masterclass specifically looking at tips to support reading for the English GCSE exams.

9. Embedding reading

A 30-minute masterclass specifically tailored for colleagues who are leading reading and literacy across school and college. Full of practical advice to support any colleague new to reading and literacy leadership, this is the perfect follow up to the ‘explicit vocabulary instruction’ masterclass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lexonik Develop can be accessed via Lexonik Cloud for the pre-recorded masterclasses or as live professional development. Your Account Manager will help you choose the best option for your school and arrange everything you need.

Lexonik Develop via Lexonik Cloud is added to at least once a year, ensuring our schools always have the most recent literacy professional development at their fingertips.

At Lexonik we often say to school staff “you don’t know what you don’t know” because many of us were never taught how to explicitly teach reading, vocabulary and comprehension. 

Lexonik Develop is best seen as a foundation knowledge resource first, developing into expert knowledge and mastery via our intervention programmes.