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GCSE English Literature Vocabulary Guide - Gothic Literature

Gothic literature can be a terrifying unit for GCSE students and teachers alike. But there’s no need to fear, Lexonik is here! 

We're giving away a free teaching resource that’ll help you break down the vocabulary of gothic literature, while also making lessons more engaging and effective. Whether you're preparing for exams or just looking to enhance your understanding of gothic literature, this guide is an essential tool for maximising student performance and appreciation of this genre. Perfect for GCSE exams, class discussions, and individual study, this guide will help you and your students delve into the dark and mysterious world of gothic literature with ease.

We’re giving away morphemically analysed key terms of the gothic genre, so your students will never be caught out by a difficult word again. This booklet not only breaks down all the spooky prefixes and suffixes your learners need to pass their exams but even gives you guidance on how to best teach them.

For more help with the explicit teaching of vocabulary, Contact Us or check out Lexonik Vocabulary here.

Free Teaching Resources pdf – GCSE English Literature Vocabulary Guide - Gothic Literature

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