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GCSE English Literature Vocabulary Guide - Of Mice and Men

We’re turning GCSE exams into an American Dream with this essential vocabulary guide on John Steinbeck’s seminal novella “Of Mice and Men”. This GCSE vocabulary guide is perfect for those studying “Of Mice and Men” as part of their modern prose module for CCEA and WJEC exam boards.

We have morphemically analysed 15 key words from the text, allowing your students to use what they know to figure out what they don’t, as well as providing teaching outlines to save you time and effort that can better spent on teaching. Designed specifically for GCSE students, this guide is the perfect complement to your English literature curriculum. Making both yours and your students exam season go smoother than a hand in a glove full o’ Vaseline. Give your students the tools they need to succeed with this comprehensive GCSE Vocabulary Guide to "Of Mice and Men."

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Free Teaching Resources pdf – GCSE English Literature Vocabulary Guide - Of Mice and Men

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