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GCSE English Literature Vocabulary Guide - An Inspector Calls

This GCSE Vocabulary Guide to "An Inspector Calls" is in line with the theme of the play, we’re sharing what we have with others who may not. Perfect for educators who have selected it for their modern drama module under the AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas, CCEA and WJEC exam boards.

This comprehensive guide morphemically analyses the key terms and phrases used in J.B. Priestley's classic play, helping students to analyse and understand the text with ease. Whether you're preparing for exams, leading class discussions, or supplementing individual study, this guide will be an invaluable tool for maximising student performance and appreciation of "An Inspector Calls."

Designed specifically for GCSE students and as a free teaching resource to save teachers time, we’re solving the mystery of what these complicated terms mean!

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Free Teaching Resources pdf – GCSE English Literature Vocabulary Guide - An Inspector Calls

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