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GCSE English Literature Vocabulary Guide - Lord of the Flies

You don’t need a conch when you have this free vocabulary guide on William Golding’s classic “Lord of the Flies”. Help your students ace their GCSE exams with this free teaching resource that breaks down and morphemically analyses 15 key words from this deserted island tale of young boys progressing from society to savagery. Perfect for those who have selected this book for the modern prose unit under AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, CCEA and WJEC exam boards.

The morphemic analysis model allows students to use what they know to figure out what they don’t. Teaching them prefixes and suffixes, that have their own meaning, so they can apply that knowledge to other words they may not know. That’s why guides like this are instrumental in helping you prepare your students for their GCSEs. Increasing their knowledge of the text but also preparing them for any strange words that may pop up in the exam questions.

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Free Teaching Resources pdf – GCSE English Literature Vocabulary Guide - Lord of the Flies

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