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Mini Morphemic Adventures

Mini Morphemic Adventures is a free teaching resource, designed to improve writing, comprehension, vocabulary and overall knowledge of affixes.

There are several prompt sheets and writing challenges included in this resource. Once you have chosen a challenge for your learners, simply give them the prompt sheet with an affix listed on it and then they will be tasked with writing their own adventure story that makes use of words containing that affix. As they use the words with the noted affix throughout their story, it will compound their knowledge of whatever prefix, suffix or stem they have been given; they will think about how the prefixes, stems or suffixes in their example words carry meaning, and it should be emphasised that knowing that meaning makes us more informed writers.

When you download our free resource, you will receive: a list of writing challenges, 10 prompt sheets complete with an affix, a definition of the affix and 5 example words, as well as an example sheet showing what a mini morphemic adventure story should look like when your learners have finished their writing.

Everyone loves a good adventure story and what better way to get stuck into a spot of narrative writing and develop vocabulary than by using our Mini Morphemic Adventures as inspiration? As if you needed more convincing, this activity is available to download for free. Meaning we’re giving you an engaging activity you can try with your learners, taking a bit of planning pressure from your shoulders, all for absolutely nothing. Complete the form below to receive an email with your free download.

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