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Rise and Shine Activity Pack

We’ve created a unique six-week programme which combines everyday education with family fun. Download below!

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Homework vs Holidays? Who says it has to be a trade-off?

We know you’re worried about your child’s learning journey, but you don’t have to pick between schooling and summertime.

At Lexonik, we’ve always been aware of the potential for learning loss which takes place over a summer holiday, and we understand that you may have more anxiety than in previous years. But at the same time, our expert literacy and learning team know how invaluable “real life education” is.

This summer-long programme takes a child on a journey through various real and imagined activities and can be completed in such a way as to allow them to learn independently, as well as with family members.

Each week of the school summer holiday has been given a specific theme, which is then broken into creative literacy activities to be enjoyed at home, both indoors and outside.

Whether you’re staying home-based throughout the period, are getting away, or hosting friends and family, there are aspects of the learning which will align perfectly with whatever is on your family-time agenda this summer.