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Subject words and affixes

‘Subject Words and Affixes’ is a free resource from ‘Lexonik’ designed to get students and educators alike thinking about whole-school literacy. With this free resource you will receive 6 posters each with their own affix, a definition of that affix and how it can be used in different subjects across the curriculum.

For example, the affix “graph” means write, so this obviously applies to English in words such as “paragraph”, but the poster will show it also applies to geography in words such as “cartography” meaning the science of map writing.

These posters will serve as a reminder to learners to apply their knowledge of affixes in all of their lessons and will remind educators that vocabulary isn’t just developed in the English department. Whole-school literacy is essential for students as every lesson has its own vocabulary that students need to understand before they can actually learn the content. A learner can’t learn about plant life in biology unless they understand terms like “photosynthesis” and “phototropic”. Morphemic analysis helps learners navigate this, as a prefix they learn in one lesson can be applied in another.

Hang these posters in your classroom to act as a reminder of this. Reading cannot be a barrier to accessing the content of the curriculum. Download our free posters now.

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Free Teaching Resources compressed – Subject words and affixes

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