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Vocabulary Detectives Challenge - Odd one out

‘Odd One Out’ is a free teaching resource designed to test your learner’s comprehension of the morphemes they have learnt. This pack contains worksheets where learners will be presented with words that appear to all share a prefix, but one does not belong. Can they identify the odd one out? And, crucially, can they explain why it doesn’t belong amongst the others?

This is a fun and gamified way of testing your learner’s comprehension of prefixes. By testing comprehension, you can identify areas where students may be struggling to understand the material and provide targeted support. It can also help to determine whether students are ready to move on to more advanced topics. Introduce it in your classroom to see how well your learners are doing without the pressure of a test or exam.

With this resource you will receive 6 odd one out worksheets that you can use with your learners, free of charge!

We also have a video to accompany this resource that you can see below.

So, what are you waiting for? Download now and see if your learners can spot the odd one out!

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Free Teaching Resources compressed – Vocabulary Detectives Challenge - Odd one out

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