Assessed, Identified, Now What?

A Message from Lexonik CEO Sarah Ledger

As a former head of English turned CEO, I know you need literacy interventions that align with your internal reading assessments. Data is king, we all know that. However, data itself is nothing without a strategic plan on how to act on that data. Schools need to have established interventions in place to respond quickly to gaps in knowledge and skills highlighted by the assessments.

You do your assessments, you identify your student’s needs, but then what?

Lexonik’s evidence-based reading interventions are your answer.

If you've assessed your students, have identified your cohorts for targeted reading intervention but you're wondering what the solution should be, then do as other schools have done and choose Lexonik.

On this page, you will find initial information about our products and programmes. Find out how we support schools in your region and are the answer to the question, Assessed, Identified, Now What?

Lexonik Leap

Lexonik Leap is a diagnostic lead phonics intervention programme, that diagnoses gaps in phonics and closes them through specific instruction, all of which are tracked via the Leap diagnostic assessment app.

Any learner with a standardised score of less than 85 is a perfect candidate for Lexonik Leap.

Lexonik Leap supports all learners and has proven results in developing EAL learners. Designed specifically for older learners in mind, Lexonik Leap does not patronise or feel repetitive due to its pace, challenge and diagnostic nature.

The programme can be adapted to allow for an individualised learning pathway, meaning the duration of the programme is dictated by the level of need.

Phonics is an essential pillar of reading and the foundation for further literacy development. If you have learners struggling with phonics these issues need to be addressed before any others. Lexonik Leap can help you do just that with our fast-acting, hassle-free, and flexible phonics intervention.

Infographic of international school students.

Lexonik Advance

Lexonik Advance is our flagship intervention that improves reading ages by an average of 27 months in just 6 one-hour sessions.

Lexonik Advance is fully resourced and targeted for students with a standardised reading score of 85-115. Independently reviewed by Northumbria University and The National Literacy Trust, Lexonik Advance is proven to make immediate, significant, and sustainable progress for learners.

Advance is the perfect programme for developing reading fluency in your learners. It does this by focusing on the individual skills that contribute to reading as a whole. Lexonik Advance leverages metacognition and phased repetition to develop:

  • Automaticity
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Independence

Lexonik Vocabulary

Lexonik Vocabulary is the only tool you’ll ever need to consistently teach vocabulary. An online morphemic analysis machine Lexonik Vocabulary offers applications spanning the entire curriculum. Its implementation is the perfect way to aid with whole school literacy.

This vital resource allows teachers and institutions to implement a holistic approach to the teaching of literacy, regardless of what subject they teach. Facilitating the explicit teaching of vocabulary, based on the same methodology as our flagship Lexonik Advance intervention programme. Making it the ideal supplementary product to lessen teacher variability and ensure sustainability.

Find out more about how it works by watching our video.

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