Literacy Intervention Programmes

Middle Eastern Schools

Literacy is important globally for many reasons, not only is it a human right, it's essential for any country to have a literate population in order to develop.

Because of this, we work with middle eastern schools, training your staff to competently deliver our literacy intervention programmes. 

Teachers will gain the knowledge and tools to teach vital literacy skills, whilst closing the attainment gap and ensuring every student is realising their full potential.

All Lexonik literacy intervention programmes are strategically aligned to assessment data and student Standard Age Scores (SAS), ensuring school leaders strategically target interventions to students’ progress needs. We also have a reading intervention programme ideal for EAL learners, removing reading as a barrier to achievement.

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Why Lexonik?

Average reading age gain across Uptown International School (UAE)
41 months
Average reading age gain across Deira International School (UAE)
31 months
"Colleagues at BSM have been trained, supported and energised to make a substantial difference to children’s literacy development. Why would you consider any other literacy intervention programme?”
Kai Vacher, Principal of British School Muscat, British School Muscat

We aim to help countries develop their education sector, such as the UAE as mentioned in the countries Fifty-Year charter.

Lexonik literacy intervention programmes follow a prescriptive delivery and implementation rollout, making leaders secure in the knowledge that all literacy intervention and ‘whole class’ teaching is standardised across all schools, lessening teacher variability and ensuring consistency.

In an era of such great literacy demands within the curriculum, Lexonik’s programmes ensure schools make proactive use of their reading data, targeting instruction at the point of need.

Lexonik’s refreshing approach champions the ‘whole school’ model, staying focused on sustainable long-term impact.

So, whilst we know discrete interventions have their place in teaching, we go much further, creating a transformation in teacher pedagogy.

Infographic of international school students.

Mass Training Events

We understand that wherever they are in the world, educators are always working under time constraints. Because of this we offer Mass Training Events that allow many educators to be trained in Lexonik interventions, all at once. We have seen these events work to great success in the Middle East. In September 2023 several schools from the GEMS Education network participated in our first Mass Training Event in Dubai. The result was 18 staff members from 8 schools, trained to improve literacy outcomes in their schools in a matter of days.

The benefits of Mass Training are numerous: 

  • Efficiency of delivery for one cohort, rather than slotting into various timetables over multiple dates and at multiple venues
  • Training events naturally then become an opportunity for peers to experience ‘together’ and to be candid with one another about their educational challenges or significant goals in their respective classrooms
  • Mass learning is evidently better for generating debate, conversation and the scope to share contributions which are relevant to a particular module or exercise
  • Training ‘pan group’ means a clear thread of commonality, which means recalled knowledge will be the same across all participants
  • Group mass training specific to one school cohort allows for a level of confidentiality and solidarity

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Literacy Intervention Programmes for Middle Eastern Schools

We have designed various leading literacy programmes from many years of active research. Check them out below or contact us.

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