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Prefix and Suffix Bingo

Introducing Prefix and Suffix Bingo, the perfect classroom game for teachers looking to enhance their students' understanding of prefixes and suffixes.

This engaging and interactive game is designed to make learning about prefixes and suffixes fun and easy for students. With Prefix and Suffix Bingo, students will develop their vocabulary skills and learn to identify the meaning and use of common prefixes and suffixes in an enjoyable and competitive setting.

Ideal for use in both primary and secondary schools, Prefix and Suffix Bingo comes with easy-to-use instructions, a prefix and suffix answer card containing 18 affixes each, and the definitions of each one, as well as 4 bingo cards containing a mix of affix definitions.

We’re giving teachers everything they need so they can quickly set up and play this exciting educational game with their students. So why wait? Download Prefix and Suffix Bingo today and help your students build their vocabulary skills in an enjoyable and engaging way. This educational game is sure to become a classroom favourite and an invaluable tool for teachers looking to improve their students' literacy skills.

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