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Stop the Bus

‘Stop the Bus’ is an entertaining word game you can play in your classrooms and lessons. Your learners will be given a prefix and a suffix, as well as a grid of categories. They then must use the prefix and suffix to fill in the grid as accurately and quickly as possible. The first person to correctly finish their grid yells out “stop the bus!” and is declared the winner.

This game can be a welcome change of pace for your learners, giving them a different way to test their knowledge of morphemes, vocabulary and spelling. You can download it for free today and not have to worry about coming up with another engaging way to keep your learners interested - we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

When you download this free resource, you will receive 10 prefix and suffix prompts, complete with explanations on what each affix means as well as 2 category grids already filled out, and a blank grid in case you would like to design your own criteria.

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