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Suffix Tennis

It can be hard to keep learners engaged throughout the day, especially in English. For example, running the risk of learners growing tired of having their noses in books day in and day out. Equally, it can be daunting for educators to come up with new and interesting ways to learn.

Introducing Suffix Tennis, a fun classroom game intended to be played in pairs. Each slide of this free resource will start a new game where a suffix will be displayed, and each participant will then take it in turns to say a word that includes said suffix. The game goes for as long as the participants can rally words back and forth until someone can’t think of one.

This is a great way to introduce a new way to learn into your classroom. A game like this can be a much-needed change of pace for your learners, increasing their engagement with the material through a bit of healthy competition. You can download this resource for free, taking a bit of lesson planning pressure from your shoulders and using it will give you immediate feedback on your learner’s progress with affixes.

When you download this free teaching resource you will receive 20 game starting suffixes as well as the rules and structure of the game.

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