Another Event Success for Lexonik Team

a lexonik staff member at an education conference

If we’re not in the classroom with teachers and students, we’re never more happy than when we’re meeting peers and potential customers at conferences and events.

In the last few days, our colleagues Lorna Grant and Michelle Hicks have been at the Greater Than Network Conference, which was staged in Milton Keynes.

We were delighted to be one of nine exhibitors in the market place, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting a large number of delegates, all excited to learn about our products and our recent successes.

It’s always a joy for us to get to share how Lexonik can help learners to improve their literacy skills, and we are particularly grateful to David Didau, who not only stopped by our stand, but who continues to be a great advocate for our work.

In his talk at the event, “Success Before Struggle and Gapless Instruction”, he said: “Learning is the long-term retention of knowledge and the ability to transfer it to new context”, which is perfectly aligned with the Lexonik approach in helping leaners to develop their literacy skills.

David Didau Presentation

Throughout the day’s event, it’s fair to say our word wheels and our branded ‘squeezy light bulbs’ were a big hit, but so were our insights about how effective Lexonik Leap and Advance are for reluctant readers across all ages and stages.

We also took away some thought provoking insight from speaker Jonny Kay, who, in his talk “Assessment and Individualisation (The BASE Project)” shared some eye-opening pieces of information, such as the fact that seven million UK adults are functionally illiterate.

Not only does this startling statistic mean that many adults are challenged by more academic demands, but equally, that in everyday life, they can’t read the likes of nutrition information on food labels.

He also emphasised that life expectancy in areas with the highest literacy rates is 26.1 years higher than in areas with the lowest literacy rates, and that, globally, 82% of 10 year olds can’t read a short story.

Thank you to the organisers and speakers for a superb event.

We hope to see you at another such occasion soon.