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Lexonik Flex

Designed to rapidly improve reading, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension, Lexonik Flex is able to be adapted to the constraints of any timetable or fluid client base. This intervention is appropriate for learners of all abilities, especially those needing immediate impact on their literacy levels, including adult learners.

Lexonik Flex incorporates traditional tutor-to-learner delivery, with the additional benefits of peer-to-peer tutoring and support.

How we deliver Lexonik Flex

The following is what we provide with every Lexonik Flex programme:

  • Two-day in-house, or remote, staff training
  • Nationally standardised assessment (for pre- and post-testing)
  • Delivery and teaching materials
  • Access to online teaching support
  • Ongoing Account Manager and Regional Trainer support

Ready to make an impact and help close the literacy gap?

Lexonik Flex offers a scalable pricing structure to meet the varying requirements of Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts.

If you would like to improve literacy attainment at your school, talk with us to arrange a demonstration or receive more details on how Lexonik Flex can be your reading intervention solution.

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"One of OFSTED's key findings in our November 2015 inspection was that 'Teachers pay meticulous attention to improving pupils' literacy skills' and that 'development of pupils' key literacy skills, including reading, is impressive."
Ian Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

Lexonik Flex is most appropriate for settings with a fluid client base, irregular scheduling or adult education organisations.

Many PRU’s and Alternative Provisions choose Lexonik Flex as they require interventions that can be delivered in a more fluid and flexible manner to fully meet the needs of their learners.

Lexonik Flex is a flexible variant of Lexonik Advance. It offers all the development opportunities of Lexonik Advance, but can be delivered in a way that best suits the setting and learners.

Lexonik Flex is suitable for learners with a standardised score between 85 and 115. Your current in-school data will help you to identify these learners.

Any struggling readers, learners stuck at a certain level or those not achieving their full potential will also benefit.

Lexonik’s Account Managers or Regional Trainers can help you select students and align our interventions strategically to your data tracking.

Lexonik Flex is a fast, focused and fun programme, enjoyable for all ages and abilities. It stretches everyone, allowing them to achieve success at a higher level than they are currently achieving. The teaching sessions are very intensive and highly effective, delivered to small groups of no more than four.

Lexonik have created a professional development masterclass on ‘Phonics For Secondary School’ to address this very need. It is written and created by the expert team at Lexonik, including Founder Director Katy Parkinson, and teaches teachers the foundation knowledge of phonics as well as practical strategies which can be used in any classroom.

We’re obviously biased, but Lexonik Advance can improve students' reading ages by an average of 27 months after just six weekly sessions!