Back of the Net Literacy Goal - All Praise For Rashford!

a child stood with his hands on his hips looking at a book shelf

It will come as little surprise to learn that the team at Lexonik are literary lovers.

And furthermore….that we’ve been that way from the moment our chubby toddler fingers could leaf through a book.

We’re the ones who enjoyed the library visits with our parents, who read under our bedcovers with a torch, and who always had a number of well-thumbed annuals, paperbacks or comics on our bedside table.

Of course, what comes with that, for a child, is often the connotations of being a ‘nerdy’ reader.

Particularly in years gone by, to be seen as a lover of literature at a young age might have seen you labelled in a derogatory way as a ‘square-eyed bookworm’, or something of a ‘teacher’s pet’ because of your thirst for ploughing through the pages and discovering more.

While you’d like to think such ‘badges’ no longer rest with those young people who crave a good book and lap up learning in an excited fashion, we can all accept that reading has sometimes needed to be perceived as ‘trendier’.

Imagine our delight then, that one of the greatest ‘in the moment’ trendsetters and heroes for young people – Marcus Rashford MBE – popped up this weekend as having partnered a campaign aimed at encouraging reading and ensuring more children have at least one book on their shelf.

It’s been announced in the press that Marcus is supporting a partnership with WHSmith, National Literacy Trust and Macmillan’s Children’s Books, which will gift a copy of the footballer’s book to any child who does not have a single book of their own.

The books will be despatched to areas where literacy support is most needed, and in addition, all customers are able to donate money toward the National Literacy Trust – thus helping more of the 380,000 children who do not own a book.

We cannot more enthusiastically salute this initiative.

It is great to see such a well known and admired young man being part of the conversation – and solution – around literacy.

Congratulations to all those who have developed this partnership, and we hope the net result is even more youngsters eagerly reading their book under the covers of their bed in the weeks and months ahead.

*If your child needs help with their reading development, and perhaps the Marcus Rashford book will be the first they ‘tackle’, we’re keen to talk to you about our literacy education methodology.

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