Lexonik post-16 programmes.


Lexonik Post-16 Intervention Programme

Lexonik Post-16 programmes are the reading, vocabulary and professional development solutions for Post-16 providers.

We've received an expected 3-year grant from the DfE, helping us to support colleges, their resit learners and FS learners.

Providers of GCSE resits in these regions are eligible for FULLY-FUNDED access to our intervention programmes and continual professional development.

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Teachers are trained to deliver Lexonik's interventions


The impact of our approach is twofold:

  • Teacher pedagogy, classroom habits and knowledge
  • Student reading age progress and developed levels of vocabulary, spelling and grammar comprehension

How It Works

  • Post-16 English resit teachers and facilitators are trained to deliver Lexonik's student intervention programmes, namely Lexonik Advance/Lexonik Flex and Lexonik Leap (maximum eight teachers per college)
  • Suite of masterclass PD courses, and live remote training, released periodically, to support in the explicit teaching of reading, vocabulary, grammar and spelling
  • Access to a morphemic analysis tool for the explicit teaching of vocabulary, applicable for all subjects and contexts

Find out how we can help

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We can help you understand which programme is right for you, what benefits will be felt by your teaching staff, and how your learners will reap the rewards of our approach.

Please don’t delay in benefitting from this powerful opportunity.

We look forward to working together.

Equip post-16 teachers and facilitators with a practical toolkit for the explicit teaching of vital literacy skills.

Staff will be trained to competently deliver two of our targeted intervention programmes themselves, giving you full autonomy.

Embedding a strategic ‘whole-college’ approach to the teaching of vocabulary, reading and spelling.

Lexonik’s research-based, expert-led interventions and ‘whole-college’ programmes, will transform your students’ literacy skills for life.

Lexonik Post 16 programmes

Mode of delivery

For many, training delivery in person is preferable, and practical.

Our core programmes Lexonik Advance, Lexonik Flex and Lexonik Leap are delivered by our Regional Trainers, on site to college staff.

For Lexonik Vocabulary Plus, the professional development arm of our offer, e-learning is the central mode of delivery.

These include video and audio content, quizzes, recall activities and knowledge checks to ensure courses are engaging…and ultimately that learning ‘sticks’.

Remotely conducted live sessions will be periodically available in the form of seminar groups.

Live face-to-face professional development can be discussed where required.

How we make a difference

“The members of support staff who deliver it say they feel empowered and significantly more confident in teaching reading strategies to our young people.”
Associate Assistant Principal
“I have used the resources to enrich my teaching and can see the way I teach vocabulary has changed for the better.”
English Teacher
“This evaluation demonstrates the impact that good quality literacy support can achieve. It shows that it is not only important that we support students to gain the skills they need to succeed in life, but that we also need to create systemic change by providing teachers with continuous professional development and resources."
Anne Teravainen-Goff, Evaluations Manager at the National Literacy Trust