What is Lexonik Vocabulary?

Lexonik Vocabulary is housed on Lexonik Cloud and supports subject teaching of vocabulary across the curriculum. This whole class resource allows teachers and schools to implement a school wide approach to the teaching of literacy.

The most unique area of Lexonik Vocabulary is the facilitation of the explicit teaching of vocabulary, based around the same methodology of our flagship Lexonik Advance intervention programme, making it the ideal supplementary product to lessen teacher variability and ensure sustainability and progress whole school.

Words are broken down at the syllable level, to aid reading accuracy, reading fluency and spelling.  The subject specific definition is provided but crucially it also identifies the prefix, stem and suffix and the supplies the meanings of each part. This morphemic analysis of the words allows vocabulary to be explicitly taught and promotes, or provides opportunity for, cross curricular learning.

Lexonik Vocabulary also includes an extensive bank of spelling and grammar resources, both video and worksheet based, to facilitate literacy teaching in the classroom and develop the skill set of the teacher.

Lexonik Vocabulary Pricing:

Starting from as little as £250+VAT for a yearly whole school licence or £25+VAT for individual use.

What is Lexonik Cloud?

Lexonik Cloud houses a vast catalogue of support materials for any teachers trained in Lexonik intervention programme as well as support for whole school teaching via Lexonik Vocabulary.

Support materials for all intervention programmes are included as part of the product packages with Lexonik Vocabulary being an additional product: our whole school solution to vocabulary and literacy teaching.

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