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Idioms guide to the English Language

Idioms can be tricky to understand, especially for younger or EAL learners who may not have ever heard them before. That’s why we have the Idioms Guide to the English Language- explaining the crucial context behind some of the most widely used idioms in the UK.

A great free teaching resource to have on hand to address tricky questions, or for those who are just curious about the origins of the turns of phrase we use every day. By incorporating our guide into your lesson plans, you can help your students develop a deeper understanding of the nuances of the English language. From "bury the hatchet" to "stealing someone’s thunder," our guide covers all the most popular idioms and provides insights into their origins and meanings.

When you download this resource, you will receive explanations for 15 common idioms, all for free!

You can trust we’re not getting your goat when we say this guide doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Although if you’ll allow us to let the cat out of the bag, we are buttering you up a little with this fun and useful free resource. So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth or turn a blind eye to this outstanding guide. Download below!

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Free Teaching Resources pdf – Idioms guide to the English Language

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