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Reading Challenge

Introducing our brand-new Free Reading Challenge Worksheet - the perfect tool for parents and teachers looking to get children to read more.

This worksheet features a range of exciting reading challenges that will motivate children to read more frequently and with greater comprehension. It sets them a range of different types of literature to read and a list of different settings to read in, utilising variation to keep them interested in reading. We’ve also left some blanks on the sheet so learners can add their own challenges, or parents and teachers can set them further challenges as well.

Whether your child is struggling with reading or simply needs a new challenge, our worksheet is the perfect way to encourage them to develop their skills and unlock their full potential.

With clear instructions and a variety of age-appropriate reading challenges, our worksheet is suitable for children of all reading abilities. From asking them to read novels to comics to plays, we endeavour to keep reading fresh and new so learners can find the literature they love to read.

‘Lexonik’ comprises a lot of former teachers and current parents, so we understand the importance of fostering a love of reading in children. Our Free Reading Challenge is just the tool you need to make this happen. With no cost involved, it's a no-brainer to try out our worksheet and watch your children thrive in their reading journey. So why wait? Download our Free Reading Challenge Worksheet today and watch as your child's love for reading grows and flourishes!

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