Reading for Pleasure with Jennie Jones

In this episode, Sarah speaks to Jennie Jones Head of English and Assistant Head at President Kennedy School in Coventry.

Jennie talks about her passion for reading and how her role as Assistant Head enables her to drive forward a reading culture throughout the school. Jennie uses this approach to encourage students to learn more about their home city of Coventry. Fostering a love of their home city, Jennie uses reading as a foundation to build a positive community.

Jennie talks about how she takes inspiration from President John F. Kennedy, as her vision to ensure that students can thrive when they leave school was among his core values. She promotes reading as not just an academic requirement but also as a means of respite from a busy world and an opportunity to learn new things.

So, join us for another episode of ⁠Courageous Classrooms⁠, a podcast for educators by educators. Exploring the education sector and most importantly the people who dedicate their lives to it.