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Vocabulary Detectives Challenge - Fill in the gaps

‘Fill in the Gaps’ is a free teaching resource that asks learners to use their knowledge of morphemic analysis to complete words where a prefix, suffix or stem is missing. Each worksheet contains a list of words where part of the word is missing, and a jumbled-up list of definitions. Learners must then fill in the gap and match the word to its correct definition.

This resource is designed to test your learner’s comprehension of morphemic analysis, as well as their knowledge of vocabulary. It’s a fun and different way to test comprehension, so you can assess your learner’s level of need without putting the pressure of an examination on their shoulders.

When you download this free resource, you will receive 4 ‘fill in the gaps’ worksheets and 4 example word sheets complete with definitions and explanations of the affixes that make up each word.

We also have a video to accompany this activity that you can watch below:

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Free Teaching Resources compressed – Vocabulary Detectives Challenge - Fill in the gaps

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