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Vocabulary Toolkit

Our free Vocabulary Toolkit is a helpful teaching resource that includes face to face activities to be used in any home or classroom. Improve your learner’s vocabulary with activities that can be used as standalone games or activities. You can even link the activities to specific subjects or curriculum areas, perfect for vocabulary fun and games in any home or classroom.

When you download our toolkit, you will receive:

  • A huge 31 vocabulary-focused activities.
  • An outline of how much prep time each activity takes, ranging from no prep needed for quickly introduced tasks, to in-depth tasks learners can really sink their teeth into.
  • A mixture of individual, paired and group activities, ensuring a variation in your vocabulary activities for your learners.
  • Subject-specific and universal activities-providing a focus on the vocabulary of certain subjects, as well as activities that can be used in any lesson, aiding disciplinary and whole-school literacy.

Whether you're a classroom teacher, tutor, or home-schooling parent, our vocabulary toolkit is designed to help you support your students' academic growth. With our easy-to-use resource, you can create engaging lessons that help your students develop the language skills they need to succeed.

At Lexonik, we're committed to providing educators with the tools they need to help their students succeed. That's why our vocabulary toolkit is completely free and easy to access. Download today and start improving your students' vocabulary skills!

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